Force Animation Range?

Discussion related to the Yeti module for Isotropix Clarisse
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Force Animation Range?

Post by kairioca »

So we've got an anim cycle we'd like to try using yeti fur on, but I notice on the Yeti Procedural node (Clarisse 4.0 SP5b) I can't enter start/end values to force the frame range? They remain greyed out even after I click on Force Animation Range. Using Yeti 3.6.0, which I realize is back a few versions at this point. Is this a bug that's fixed in newer versions? Or maybe I'm missing something...

clarisse.yeti_procedural.anim_range.png (24.51 KiB) Viewed 667 times

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Re: Force Animation Range?

Post by colin »

The force animation range is something more specific to Clarisse internals which we don't use (from what I understand we don't have explicit access to this either). So you'll have to adjust the Frame expression to give you the control you need.

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