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Questions related to integrating and using Yeti with Chaos Group's VRay.
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Please Search the Forum & Support

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Hello everyone!

After a few years of Yeti Central it's now a great resource to new and experienced Yeti users and with all of the information stored here I just wanted to point out the search feature. Prior to asking a question please spend a little time searching the forum and checking out the Areas/Topics that are relevant as there is a good chance it has been asked before. Even if a reply doesn't answer your question completely you may want to follow up to the thread vs. starting a new one so there is relevant history to the discussion.

I also wanted to remind you that if your query is time sensitive please make sure you email and include an example scene if possible, although we visit the forum frequently posts here won't get our attention as quickly as those submitted to the mother ship directly.

As always thank you for sharing your work, thoughts and questions - we're thankful to have such and amazing community.

All the best,

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